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Fantastic read. Captivating from start to finish     


Fantastic read. Captivating from start to finish. I laughed, I cried, I felt like I was having a cup of tea with Cathy in her kitchen in Ireland! I shared her pain and joy as I flipped the pages. I highly recommend The Bumble Bee Key as book club selection as it encourages thoughtful discussions.


By Avid Seattle Reader on February 24, 2017




Five Stars     


A wonderful story with some unexpected plot twists along the way!


By janice Krekow on February 24, 2017






This book is great read!


By Sunshine1980 on February 20, 2017




Sweet As Honey    


A gorgeous gentle gem of a novel! Captivating from the start, Cathy's story is a universal tail of loss & the search for hope. Love shines through the pages with a fine cast of characters in a deftly drafted read. This is a real page turner with subtle twists of plot & an ample sprinkling of pure unadulterated MAGIC! Turn the key & enjoy the read.


by Rosie Lowe. February 18th 2017.




I loved this easily-read yet captivating book   


I loved this easily-read yet captivating book. The characters are utterly believable and likeable, while the apparently simple tale takes some unexpected and interesting twists and turns, with a plausible and well-paced ending.. .. With its vivid imagery and elements of fantasy, there is definitely potential for a movie!


By Elizabeth Healy on December 29, 2016



A beautiful story   


What a great read. The author has deftly woven strands of fantasy into the fabric of everyday life. Familiar but different. Simple but profound. This book will leave a lasting impression.


By Amazon Customer on 24 December 2016





What a charming, feel-good story with well drawn, believable characters and lots of lovely detail. Although, not the type of book I normally read, I was completely drawn in and carried along with Cathy as she tries to unlock the mystery while, at the same time, managing to gradually get her life back together. Lovely twist at the end.


By Magenta on 23 December 2016




I enjoyed The Bumble Bee Key very much ...   


I enjoyed The Bumble Bee Key very much. It's a delightfully refreshing read. The characters believable and memorable. I felt it could have been me at one stage in my life! A unique thoughtful book, I'd recommend it to anyone.


By Joan Phillips de Vives - New York,30 November 2016



Great Book, myself and my wife enjoyed this book ...   


Great Book, myself and my wife enjoyed this book so much. It was easy to read and had a fantastic story line


By Amazon Customer on 24 November 2016



I thoroughly enjoyed this book   


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story was heart warming and original. I loved the characters and actually cared about them. I will be looking out for other books by this author.


By Lynn O'Connor on 18 Nov. 2016





A highly enjoyable read taking the reader on a magical journey. Intruiging characters and surprises keep the reader spellbound throughout,a book that's hard to put down. looking forward to her next novel.


By Amazon Customer on November 13, 2016




A delightful title for a charming little book    


Sad, funny and heart-warming! This is a romantic novel sprinkled with a touch of magic. The story set in Ireland, draws the reader right into the hustle and bustle of Cathy (the main character's) family life and brings us on a journey through loss and pain, joy and laughter, unlocking mysteries on the way. I couldn't put the book down. A great read.


By Cathy Waddell on November 9, 2016




Five Stars    


A lovely easy read, very suitable young adults.


By Amazon Customer on 3rd November 2016





Good storytelling   


In the tradition of other Irish storytellers like Meave Binchy and Patricia Scanlon. You come to care about the characters.


By S. M. Murray on 14 October 2016



Great read    


I liked the characters in this book and got caught up in the storyline which goes in some unexpected directions. Recommended!


By Aiden JM on September 6, 2016




Not a great reader of books whilst on holiday    


Not a great reader of books whilst on holiday, having a preference for walking. However on my last holiday I read 19 chapters without putting it down. This was one of the most enthralling stories I have ever read and has all the attributes for the making of a picture.


By Barbara on 30th Aug. 2016




Wonderful breezy beach read!    


Beautifully imaginative characters are weaved through a poignant storyline, and the essence of a typical large Irish family with all of its exentricities are well crafted.

Thouroughly enjoyed!


By Sheila A Thurow on July 5, 2016




If you are a Maeve Binchy fan you'll love The Bumble Bee Key  


If you are a Maeve Binchy fan you'll love The Bumble Bee Key. A lovely heartwarming story of lost loves, mystery and eventual happiness. Family and food are very central to the Irish culture and these sections of the book are handled beautifully. Had to keep reading to see how characters developed. Waiting for the next book,


By Paula Kennedy on July 1, 2016




Wonderful Book  


A thoroughly enjoyable book which I would highly recommend.


Great story, gripping and emotional. The author describes the characters and scenes in such perfect detail that I grew to love Cathy, the main character


I found it hard to put this book down and stayed up till all hoursof the night reading it


Looking forward to the next book.


By Barbara Murray on June 22, 2016



A really good holiday read  


Loved it. I Enjoyed the read very much. A really good beach read. Also I think it has an I interesting theme.


By Maggie Gibson on 15th Jun. 2016



I really loved this book for its originality  

What a gem! I really loved this book for its originality. The plot is really cleverly developed and unpredictable. The characters come to life from the very first page and I was absorbed from then on. I was unable to leave it down as I was so intrigued by the mysterious goings on. I found Cathy really likeable and had to find out if she would find happiness again. A really enjoyable read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique twist on the romantic novel.........

By Ms. C. Gallagher on April 29, 2016




Great Job!  


This was a very different story and I thoroughly enjoyed each little twist and turn. Great job!


By Amazon Customer on 6th April 2016





Made For Each Other


Life stretches ahead for you and yours?  Oops, maybe it doesn’t.  An early bereavement means that the life you saw yourself leading - a life of ‘made for each other’ is suddenly reduced to a single focus.


The memories are now highlights.  And all too soon the highlights become merely memories.


Such is the case with Cathy- not very much further into married life, just over a year, when tragedy strikes.  But there are other memories - scenes from a forgotten childhood - and a feeling of ‘I’ve been here before’ in at least one aspect of her new life, working as a childminder to the offspring of a grieving widower.


Writer A.C. Coady moves her story and her characters through scenes of family love, involving seemingly simple lives to some unusual experiences that have her believe that there are faeries at the bottom of their garden.


Over more than 250 pages of incident and imagination, the emphasis is on love and on the happiness, rather than the tears - though these can never be completely absent.


A family book?  Yes. it is.  A book about family and for pretty nearly all the family.


Frank Sheerin - Copywriter 5/4/2016


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